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Rainbow Brite is an 80s classic that can continue to be enjoyed today by bringing the colorful show to life with these Rainbow Brite coloring pages. Just like in the cartoon heroine’s name, your child can enjoy coloring on these pictures with all of the hues of the rainbow. There is no limit for how many of these coloring pages you can print out, for yourself and for your children. The Rainbow Brite coloring pages are entirely free of charge for you to print. You can bring back old memories of Saturday morning cartoons for yourself and create new memories with your family.

 Sweet Rainbow Brite Coloring Pages


Have you recently rediscovered this enchanting show and want to bring the lovable characters and memorable stories to your home? Rainbow Brite and all her friends can be colored in new, unique ways as part of family time activities with these coloring pages. The cute scenes and characters can be colored by folks of all ages. Unlimited family friendly Rainbow Brite coloring pages are available for continued enjoyment and amusement. They are easy to print, simply save any Rainbow Brite coloring pages or other sheets to your computer and click print. 


 Print Out Rainbow Brite Coloring Pages to Color


Along with adorable Rainbow Brite coloring pages, there are various other categories on our website. Skimming our coloring pages you will find nostalgic cartoons and contemporary characters that you can enjoy outside on a nice summer day or maybe at your kitchen table on a rainy day. Other available pages have nature, people, and religious categories, with many more for young and old. Kids will experience many benefits from working on Rainbow Brite coloring pages. For one, they will get to use their imaginations more while they color their Rainbow Brite coloring pages exactly how they want. Another benefit is that these can be used for supplementing lessons in a homeschool or classroom setting. No matter why you give kids Rainbow Brite coloring pages, remember that it is crucial that you always praise them on a job well done. 



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