Passover Coloring Pages

Passover is an eight day Jewish festival which is celebrated in the Spring, around the time when Easter is celebrated. This is very important for Jewish individuals, because it commemorates the Israelites being emanicipated from slavery in ancient Egypt. There are many traditional customs which are conducted during this holiday, from lighting candles to eating unleavened bread. Add another tradition to your holiday with Passover coloring pages. These educational sheets are just perfect for helping kids to understand more about the holiday. Whether or not you celebrate, Passover coloring pages offer a great creative activity for your kids.

Perfect Passover Coloring Pages to Print Today


Do you and your family celebrate Passover? Even if you do not, you can give some of the Passover coloring pages to your children. They can learn about the customs which are associated with this Jewish holiday. It is well known for being an eight day festival which is celebrated by the Jewish, but what else do your kids really know about it? Younger children will have an easier time learning about this with these Passover coloring pages. Print out just a couple of them, or every single sheet in this section if you want your kids to go in depth in lessons about Passover. You do not need to worry about the cost of the Passover coloring pages, because every one of the coloring sheets on our site is free.


Passover Coloring Pages Are a Ton of Fun


If your children have varied interests and love to color, think about getting them a whole bunch of sheets from each of our nine categories. We have Christian sheets, of course, but we also have many animals and character coloring pages, among many others. They are sure to be excited over having new sheets, including the Passover coloring pages. Get ready for this holiday as you share our Passover coloring pages, and spend quality time coloring and talking about the meaning of this Jewish festival.

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