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Are you teaching your kids or students Bible stories? One of the most influential figures in Christianity and Judaism is Moses. He is said to have spoken personally with God, and to have received the Ten Commandments from Him at Mt. Sinai. There is a long story involving the history of this man, who is revered by many individuals. Our Moses coloring pages depict this man in various scenes, including him with the stone tablets which contained the Ten Commandements. If your kids would like to learn about Moses, or if you are teaching a Sunday school class and focusing on him, then hand out Moses coloring pages. Most children will focus better when they have something interesting to work on like these sheets.

Amazing Moses Coloring Pages to Color


If you teach or homeschool, then you realize how tough it can be to get kids interested about many topics. Religion is one of those topics which kids just may not be able to focus on for very long. Make it fun and interesting for the kids with these great Moses coloring pages. They are of the best quality, and they are perfect for children of all ages. If you can get your children or students to use their imaginations daily with things like these Moses coloring pages, then you are doing quite well. For a fun surprise, you can color alongside the children. They will appreciate you taking time out to do something creative and talk to them while working on Moses coloring pages.


Your Children Will Love Moses Coloring Pages


Moses is a figure which has much importance in the Bible, as well as within the Jewish faith. If your family is Christian, then your kids certainly will learn about Moses at some point. They are sure to be awed by his story, and may want to learn some more about him. Share the Moses coloring pages with your students or children for an educational activity that they will not even know is educational. You can print numerous Moses coloring pages for now and for later, and not have to worry about the cost, since these are free of charge.



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