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King Solomon is a very influential figure from the Bible. He is well reknowned in Jewish history for being the one to build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. If your children do not know much about him, and would like to learn more, pick up some of the King Solomon coloring pages today. These Christian category sheets are absolutely wonderful for bringing home difficult historical and Biblical concepts for younger children. Even kids who have been taught about this man will find these King Solomon coloring pages to be quite enjoyable. Take a look at other Christian coloring pages, and the other categories we have available on this site.

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Kids can learn a great deal about King Solomon from the King Solomon coloring pages we carry. This King of the River Euphrates area reaching up to the Egyptian lands was instrumental in having not only the Holy Temple of Jerusalem built, but also ordered the building of many different structures for many people. This man is well known for his riches, and for the fact that he kept the kingdom of Israel united and prosperous for decades.


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If your children are in a Bible Study or Sunday school class, then they likely will learn about the great King Solomon. These lessons will be reinforced through the use of King Solomon coloring pages in the teaching. Kids will respond well to being able to color instead of doing more strict learning methods. You can set up crayons and King Solomon coloring pages for the more independent children, and sit to help out the younger children with their technique, as well as any questions that they may have about the king. They are sure to love working on these King Solomon coloring pages with you, as it will be an excellent opportunity to bond.





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