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In 1911 a lady named Juliette Gordon Low met a man named Robert Baden-Powell, who was the director of scouting. After hearing what he was doing she decided to start an organization for girls across America and the world. Since this group was made strictly for girls, she named it The Girl Guides. This grew into what we know of today as the Girl Scouts. Find out more about them with the Girl Scouts coloring pages today. The girls in this organization do things like cooking, hiking and camping for which they earn badges. Kids can explore their imaginations through Girl Scouts coloring pages when ever they want.

Girl Scouts Coloring Pages You Will Enjoy


In schools today, girls join the Girl Scouts and they are separated by grade level and work on age- appropriate badges. The various levels of Girl Scouts are known as daisies for kindergarteners, ages 7-9 are brownies, ages 9-11 are Juniors and ages 11-14 are cadettes. Some girls even stay in the organization for longer, and are known as seniors. Get your children to learn more as they color Girl Scouts coloring pages today. Even if they are not actually in the Girl Scouts, you still can tell them about the morals which are praised within this organization while working on their Girl Scouts coloring pages.


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The girls raise money each year with their famous Girl Scout cookie sale which raises money for the girls to be able to go on trips, pay yearly dues and get uniforms. They also do service projects such as carrying out flag ceremonies, collecting food for food drives, visiting nursing homes and Christmas caroling. Print out some free Girl Scout coloring pages that your children can work on today. If you teach in a classroom or homeschool setting, you can use these Girl Scouts coloring pages in order to teach children about certain values which the members of the Girl Scouts uphold. Most children will love to work on these Girl Scouts coloring pages all on their own, but you can join them to color, as well. There are a few things that have changed over the years such as the color of the uniform and the law, but the motto “Be Prepared” and the slogan “do a good turn daily” have remained the same.



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