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Our Dora coloring pages are going to be a hit with your kids or students. Many kids, especially those who are younger, are big fans of the Dora franchise. Dora and her friends are fun, cute characters that help children to learn many key skills, including how to speak Spanish. They will be happy to see that you have these fun category pages for them to color. We feature a broad selection of coloring sheets within this category, including Benny the cow, Boots the monkey, Backpack, and several other characters from the show. Kids will love the many other types of characters that we feature in the characters category of our site, such as Superman, WWE, Little Einstein, Franklin, Sesame Street, Happy Feet and numerous other options. The great part is that they are provided to you totally for free. This way, you can print a large quantity of the sheets for your children or students. It would be good for you to get as many as possible from our site, to avoid having to purchase coloring books, which will save you money. 

Delightful Dora Coloring Pages


Have a great bonding experience with your children by sitting down and joining them in this creative activity. They will enjoy it, and probably will learn a lot from you. Encourage their talents and interests in the arts. Many times, coloring is the first art activity to which kids are exposed, and you will be able to see if they have artistic inclinations. Those kids who are not especially artistic may like to color for a while, though. Show them that you are proud of their work by hanging their Dora coloring pages up in the house. Since kids enjoy doing hand made projects for other people, they will love to color Dora coloring pages for the people in their lives.


Color Our Fun Dora Coloring Pages


Encourage the imaginations of your children or students through this fun and exciting activity. Once you start them off with coloring, they likely will color for hours if they are given the chance. You can print off these Dora coloring pages easily. All that you need to do is just download the pictures that you want onto the computer, hit print, and in a moment you will have some great Dora the Explorer coloring pages to share with your children. They are sure to have a fun time with these Dora coloring pages, no matter their ages. 




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